Our Turkeys

turkeyWe raise two different varieties of turkeys here at the farm.  The Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey, named for the beautiful shimmering plumage of bronze and green metallic when the sunlight hits it, is native to America and then was domesticated by the Aztecs in Mexico 500 years ago then taken over to Europe. The pilgrims brought them over with them to New England and it has been the most popular turkey variety for most of America’s history. The carcass is white with very small darker pin feather spots. Does not change the flavor of the bird.  The Bronze Turkey will weigh somewhere between
16 – 25 pounds at processing time.

Bourbon Red & Slate

Bourbon Red & Slate

The second variety is a mixture of the Heritage Breeds.Heritage turkeys are defined by the historic range-based production system in which they are raised. Turkeys must meet all of the following criteria to qualify as a Heritage turkey:

  • They must reproduce and be genetically maintained through natural means of mating.
  • They must have a long productive lifespan.
  • They must have a genetic ability to withstand the environmental rigors of outdoor production systems.
  • They must have a slow to moderate rate of growth, giving the birds time to build a strong skeletal structure, and healthy organs, prior to building muscle mass.

Many different varieties have been developed to fit different purposes. Turkey were selected for productivity and for specific color patterns to show off the birds beauty.

We will process turkey’s the week before Thanksgiving.  They will be chilled, packaged and ready for pick up that evening.   They will be the center of attention on your holiday table (after cooking of course).

A $20.00 deposit will hold your Holiday bird for you.  Quantities are limited this year so don’t be disappointed, do this early.  We are told our birds are the best our customers have ever eaten, moist, tender and delish.

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