Our Laying Hens

P1010178We have many different breeds of laying hens.  Some for egg color, some because of temperament, and some just for their beauty.   Our customers love the teal, pink, peach and light green colored eggs from our Eastereggers or Ameracauna hens and the chocolate-colored eggs from the Copper Marans. We do too!!

It is fun to watch their antics around the farmyard.  We have a Dominique that has a little trouble DSCN0854sharing feed and makes sure she gets her share    (notice the only thing showing is her tail).  It looks like the hen watching her acrobatics is saying “Are you for real? Show off!!”

They also like to play in the mud puddle that their water makes. Their feet will be totally black and they splash each other when they flap their wings making them look like a spotted breed instead of  pure white.









Here is a list of the hens we have:

  • Dominique
    New Hampshire Red
    Plymouth Rock
    Buff Orpington
    White Leghorns

We raise Rhode Island White Chickens 3 times a year for meat.  They are young  chickens processed at the age of 8 weeks.  Their meat is very tender, moist and juicy.  If you have never had a fresh chicken off the farm you just don’t know what you’re missing.  After you have one you’ll never go back to store bought again!

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