About The Owners

As owners and operators of Stonefield Organic Farm, Peter and Katherine Hampton would like to welcome you.  The farm is located in a small rural town in northeast Texas.  They’ve been blessed with forty years of marriage, and have 2 grown children and five grandchildren.  Peter has had two years of horticultural school and Katherine is a certified Master Gardener.   They’ve been growing for about thirty years, both vegetable, perennial and flower gardens, most of the time in the Midwest, so Texas was a big change for them!

Growing in Texas can be quite challenging because the clay soil needs lots of amendments to really produce well.  They pride themselves in practicing organic, sustainable farming culture, using untreated, non-GMO heirloom or open pollinated seeds.  All gardens are chemical and pesticide free. The farm uses earth friendly products and methods.

Peter and Katherine  also raise free range turkeys and chickens and hand gather fresh eggs daily from very happy hens.  The guinea hens help cultivate the garden as they look for those yummy leftover morsels, while Bella, their 2-year old golden lab, keeps everyone in their place.

Stonefield Organic Farm sells produce and handmade items through our CSA program. Occasionally we will open the farm for special visitation (watch for dates in upcoming blogs).  You might also see us at community events in nearby areas.

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