Summer Bliss among the Blooms

There’s nothing like a fresh bouquet of flowers to lift someone’s spirit.  I have always had flower beds, both annual and perennial at my home here in Texas, as well as in Michigan.  I love watching the butterflies and not only watching the activity of the bees, but hearing the soft buzzing of their voices among the blossoms.  My favorite flower is the Belinda’s Dream rose that continually blooms, even thru the hottest of summers. I’ve planted them around the perimeter of the house.  I wish you could smell their fragrance pop out from the page.  It is just delightful to the senses. The Zinnia’s have also been great this summer.  They were a little late to start because of our wet, wet spring, but they came shinning through and are gorgeous. Time to be thinking of next years blooms, seeds to buy, and cuttings to start.  My long standing customers just love their sweet tussie mussie bouquets I add to their orders, just because.

Butterfly on Enchantment Zinnia

Butterfly on Enchantment Zinnia

Trio of Zinnias

Trio of Zinnias


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