Blessings on the Farm

Tim, Brandi and Shamas

Tim, Brandi and Shamas

We have been so blessed to have a very special couple, Tim and Brandi Schunk along with their son Seamus helping out at the farm this year.  The Schunks live in Allen, Texas but long for the simple, peaceful life of the country.  Tim contacted us after meeting thru a business networking breakfast sponsored by a Christian radio station, KCBI. They have spent many an occasion at the farm learning the ins and outs of caring for livestock and learning from the ground up what growing healthy, organic food is all about.  Seamus is enjoying taking care of the animals along with watering and picking fresh vegetables from the garden.  Seamus has many favorites here at the farm that he looks forward to with each visit, Bella, our 2-year old golden lab, being his favorite.  Thank you Seamus for being such good company for Bella while we were gone to Kansas.  I know she loved having you here to play with and a big thank you to Tim and Brandi for being such good friends and caretakers.  Without you Kansas for us couldn’t have happened!  We are blessed!

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