About the Farm


Lovely summer produce!

The farm consists of 8 acres, 1 acre of vegetable garden (expanding fast),  2 hoop houses, one for seeding and transplanting, and the larger hoop house for undercover cultivating.

We have several large flower gardens intermixed with perennials.  We’ve also have a  small landscape nursery, which will not be a full retail nursery, but will have special sales several times throughout the year, make sure you get on the invite list – don’t miss out! It’s easy to get on the invite list, just follow this blog by email. Click on the “Follow This Blog By Email” link on the right!

The farm has two chicken coops sheltering about 60 chickens.  They free range during the day and seek their roosts at night.   We currently have hens laying eggs of light brown, teal, green, pink, peach, chocolate brown and white eggs!

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  1. Jacqueline J Manchester · · Reply

    Howdy just saw your card again and decided to go to your site. See you next week. Jacky


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